Field transfer trailers

Higher harvesting performance by unloading on the move

HAWE field transfer trailers for grain, seed and fertiliser transport were the first of their kind and have been in operation for decades giving a proven trailer system now exported worldwide helping to exploit much more fully the potential of high-performance combine harvesters.

Field transfer trailers for sugar beet then came into operation as pulled beet harvesters were replaced by 6-row self-propelled machines which, with their limited bunker capacities, mostly cannot complete long field drills without unloading underway.

And later the biogas boom led to HAWE developing its unique silage field transfer trailer. These differ markedly from other systems, are simple in operation and very cost-effective.

All field transfer trailers offer these advantages:

  • Through their large-volume tyres that effectively protect soil structure they are especially designed for on-field operations
  • The harvest is unloaded at the field edges into road-going vehicles for further transport
  • Harvesting machinery output increases through unloading on the move
  • This increases the efficient use of harvesters and output per field

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