SVW straw spreader trailers

For easy spreading of big bales

With HAWE straw bedding trailers your barn bedding is quick and easy.

HAWE-Wester SVW straw spreader trailers come in a range of sizes and equipment levels to ideally suit different working conditions. For further information your HAWE dealership will be happy to help. Please look under “Sales” or simply request the brochure you want. Thank you!

Your advantages:

  • Quick and easy straw spreading from round or square bales
  • Up to three shredder rotors ensure problem-free shaking-out
  • The thrower fan blowing straw at right angles to direction of travel comes with a height-adjustable hydraulically-controlled vane regulating throw distance
  • Throw distances of between 3 and 12 metres, depending on model
  • Optimal for bedding straw courts or cubicles
  • Five different models and a large selection of variants and extras means trailers can be ordered tailor-made for the situation on your farm